Goodbye Bias, Hello Data-Driven People Decisions

Panalyt empowers you to Bridge Your People Data Gap and drive improved Employee & Business Outcomes through delivering Timely & Actionable People Insights across your employee lifecycle to stakeholders across your organization

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Bridge Your People Data Gap with Panalyt

Panalyt helps bridge the People-Data Gap, enabling accurate data and reports for any combination of HR, business line, or C-suite. These people-informed decisions drive an improved HR and business-line relationship, moving from reactive to proactive around people, data, analytics and aligned decisions. 

This enables organizations to leapfrog from where they are at today, not only for People-Enhanced Data and insights, but for organizational performance and results.

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"Analytics tools in many HR areas fail because they are not actionable.

Other than Panalyt, there is no tool on the market that links communication data with HR data and delivers it in an actionable way."

David Green

Leading Global Analyst and Speaker on People Analytics and HR Digital Experience

“Panalyt is the only multi-source analytics platform in our study that also offers ONA to analyze digital collaboration and communication based on passive data.


The company further integrates sales and business data, allowing line managers to identify and focus on areas critical to them."

RedThread Research's People Analytics Tech 2020 report

“Having data on 3,000 employees quickly and seamlessly visualized and in the hands of managers, directly drives a new sense of management awareness"

Shishir Bharti

CHRO at aCommerce

Southeast Asia's Largest e-Commerce Service Provider

“We work very closely with Panalyt’s people analytics because there's a choice between building it in-house or using an external party we found it was better to use an external partner to help with with the the data integration and the insights. We chose Panalyt to help us with this journey which has delivered many good returns”

Alexander Nicolaus

Chief People Officer at Circles.Life

Hyper-growth Asian Telco Unicorn

Enabling Data-Driven People Decisions Across Your Organization

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Accelerated People Analytics Transformations

 At a Fraction of The Cost & Time To Build In-House 

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Quick & Seamless Integration with your Existing HR Systems & Spreadsheets

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We Partner with Leading HR Consulting Organizations to Ensure the Success of Your People Analytics Transformation

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